On the shores of the Pacific Ocean on the south coast of Peru, there is a place of incomparable beauty. A bay where the winds have sculpted the stone at its whim, where the captivating vestiges of ancient cultures keep secrets still undecipherable, such as the Candelabrum, and where wildlife surrounds our senses, while the sun paints heavily the skies at dusk.

Paracas: immensity, sand and sea. The wind is born from the lungs of the ancient gods, those who worshiped the first inhabitants of the peninsula and who are now lost in the labyrinth of history. Yes, this is Paracas, a natural sanctuary waiting for you.


Located on the south central coast of the Peruvian coast, Ica department, province of Pisco.


South Pan American Distance 250 km (156 miles) south of Lima Approximately 4 hours trip


Warm and dry


Average summer temperature 27 ° C Average temperature in winter 18 ° C Maximum temperature of 30 ° C and minimum of 14 ° C